US Crackdown on Online Poker

February 23rd, 2010

Forbes magazine is publishing an article in their March issue stating a case that the FBI is cracking down on two major online poker rooms. According to Forbes the FBI is trying to gather all the information they can on Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars. Another one they have their eyes on his Doyle’s Room.

It has been reported that the FBI is actually contacting players to find out about deposit methods and other information. It seems many of the players they are contacting are in the Washington area since online poker is a felony in the state.

The UIEGA goes into effect June 1st so some are speculating that could be why the FBI is gathering information now. Poker Stars responded to the article saying they had opinions from many different attorneys in the US that it was not in violation of any US Law. Full Tilt didn’t respond back to Forbes when asked to comment. As June 1st approaches we could see many stories like this hit the press.

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