The Founder of Intabill arrested

April 23rd, 2010

Daniel Tzvetkoff the founder of intabill arrested in Las Vegas on Friday
now faces numerous charges such as bank fraud, money laundering and illegal processing of gaming transactions on the Internet.

He is only 27 years old, he resides in Australia lives in a house worth $ 29 million and has many luxury cars. The 27-year-old Daniel Tzvetkoff is accused of having helped move more than 500 million dollars through poker rooms and online casino. And when his company went bankrupt between February 2008 and March 2009, he faced with debts totaling more than $ 80 million, including $ 30 million dollars owed to four online poker sites.

Even though Tzvetkoff declared bankruptcy, he was still involved in running a group of offshore billing, and he was in Las Vegas for a conference of 10 days where he was seen by professional of online poker to which he owes money. Now Tzvetkoff is accused of violating U.S. law UIGEA, he would have masked the banking operations to clear all dealings with gambling. According to the Ministry of Justice: “Tzvetkoff and his co-conspirators have created tens of shell companies with a name unrelated to gambling – with fake websites that gave these companies a veneer of legitimacy – these men presented to the banks of the transactions made on behalf of these companies

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