Portugal To Set Up Online Sports Betting Framework

October 12th, 2010

The European Court of Justice has recently made the decision to allow Portugal to maintain a monopolistic approach to online gambling, even though they are members of the European Union.

The Portuguese government recently launched a consultation process to gather information for a new legislative framework for internet sports betting in Portugal.
A special inter-ministerial commission has been formed along with some key stakeholders, including the Portuguese Football League and Association, the National Association of Casinos and the state monopoly Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Dr. Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros CEO, of the European League’s Portuguese Football League was the first to enter into the intense talks with several representatives from the new commission.

The EPFL Executive revealed the European League’s aims, intents and main proposals on the issues at hand. He pointed out the Association’s obvious concerns regarding the unregulated expansion of internet sports betting and requirement to keep football competitions safe and free from corruption to maintain high integrity of all sports.

Dr. Macedo de Medeiros explained, “the EPFL and our Member Leagues are deeply concerned at the threats to the integrity of sporting competitions through growing allegations of match-fixing and the growing influence of illegal gambling syndicates.”

The FIFA, UEFA, the EPFL and other organizers, have taken steps to stop and detect illegal wagering sports all which incur major expensive for these groups. They feel these costs should be shared with the online sports betting operators, who do not contribute to the efforts now.

Dr, Macedo de Medeiros commented, “This is fundamentally wrong and undermines sports financing models and even its economic viability. “It was argued that sports betting operators are benefiting financially from sporting events, without paying the franchise owners any compensation.

The EPFL requested the Portuguese government to handle the issues and establish this commission. “In a time where Europe faces an unprecedented financial and economic crisis, can any Government afford the luxury of neglecting, vital objectives, and the substantial tax revenues that a properly regulated and transparent online sports betting sector would generate? I honestly don’t think tax payers would understand that.” concluded the EPFL Chief Executive Officer.

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