Online Sports Gambling Approved By Nevada Gaming Commission

January 20th, 2011

Senator Harry Reid may have tipped his hand too early to get federal online gambling laws changed, but that does not mean that Nevada casinos will be down and out just yet. The Nevada Gaming Commission made an important decision recently that will bring Internet gaming to the state sooner than expected.

The Commission gave approval to the Leroy Group for their Leroy App that allows Nevada residents to place sports bets from their mobile phones. The app currently has been approved for the Blackberry, And still working on the Android app to be approved.

John English, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Public Affair for American Wagering stated, “I am proud to be a part its creation of the Leroy’s App for a new market segment for sports wagering here in the United States.”

The Nevada Gaming Commission was successfully convinced that the application had the technology to recognize when a gamblers was inside state lines. That was major key to the approval process, with Nevada having different laws than other states when it comes to gambling.

John English stated, “The Nevada regulators placed significant challenges on American Wagering to provide a means of offering account wagering on a mobile device whereby we could verify that the bettor was in the state,”. “We rose to the challenge and succeeded.”

Senator Reid pushed for online poker regulations on a federal level and most opponents pointed to the idea that the bill was payback for the gaming operators who supported Reid’s re-election campaign. In Nevada, legislators will not face as strong opposition in their efforts to regulate Internet casinos.

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