Online Gaming in India

November 12th, 2010

There are no gambling laws in India, but the legislation does not deal with online gaming. Because gambling in casinos is forbidden in most of India, most people assume that online casino gambling is illegal as well. The government doesn’t want to get involved with licensing online gambling, but there are no policies against it.

The fear of online gambling being a criminal activity keeps the Indian youth from playing any online casino games. As a result, they turn to computer games such as EverQuest, WarCraft and Second Life. The people of India are willing to spend substantial amounts of money on buy imaginary assets even if the purchases don’t lead to any return and are a complete waste of time.

The website, Gaming Hangama is one of the biggest online casino gaming sites in India. People, who play there, can take home some “goodies” based on the item that is running the promotion at the time. It is possible to take home cash prizes on the website but only for the more skilled games. According to Gaming Hungama’s Manish Malik, general manager-gaming “A skill game can be defined as a web game played in a tournament format, in which an entry fee is paid to compete and money or prizes are awarded to the most skilled player or players. Elements of luck have either been eliminated or greatly reduced in the game, hence, it can not be called online gambling.”

There are players in India that spend time developing their game skill, but even the financial prizes are not substantial. Many of the young Adults in India play these games just to get a self-confidence boost.

Legalizing gambling in India is most likely to change over time, changing the way online gambling is looked as in India as well. There are already however, international internet casinos that cater to Indians. Players would be happy for the chance to play easier games with frequent winnings and better jackpots.

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