Online Gambling Approved in France

April 13th, 2010

Just in time for the world cup it looks like the government of France will be legalizing online gambling. The parliament has just passed a new bill, 299 votes to 223, that makes it legal for the locals to place wagers on the World Cup over the Internet.

The new legislation will make gambling operators to undergo a software check, and it helps to prevent underage players from accessing online games.

Financially online gambling in France will follow rules a lot like those now applied to land-based gambling in the country. The state will tax sports bets at 7.2%, and poker bets at 2%. Some of the tax money will go towards anti-addiction campaigns.

So much of the Internet gambling market is ran by unlicensed operators, the new bill will hopefully end some of that. Players will benefit from the new bill. It will bring much-needed oversight into the industry, and will provide players with a secure protection against rogue operations.

One negative effect is that the bill gives regulators the power to block sites which continue to offer their services to French players without first obtaining license. It is not known what the licenses cost, but hopefully foreign operators will find it reasonable.

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