Online Casinos- Are they all about the profit?

April 14th, 2009

I have often wondered if there is more to online casino groups than the profit and growth. We have seen many different groups rise to fame over the last 10 years. We all know there is a large profit margin within the online casino world, so the big question is do any of them give back?

I’m not talking about treating the players well or employees, I mean this is to be expected since these actions help produce the profit. Are there any groups that give back to make this a better place to live, do they reach out and help because they want too. As I looked into this I came across the Carmen Media group, which includes casinos like Riverbelle, Jackpot City, and Lucky Nugget.

I was a bit amazed to learn about all the charity’s they donate too, and I’m not only talking about cash. The employees of the group actually donate time and work at events. Realizing what they do in communities will make it a bit easier the next time I lose a bit of money. So here is to Carmen Media- way to be a leader in the industry!!

And since I am on the topic you should check out the bonuses at Riverbelle Casino. They have a very straight forward bonus system now. No more calculating the wagering requirements, or having to research which game you can play, it’s all right there. You can play any game you want, although not all games contribute the same percentage of play toward your wagering requirement. Now you have a bonus balance and a cash balance so you can tell the amount you can cash out. As you play, the Bonus System transfers bonus credits in real time to your cash balance where they can be withdrawn whenever you choose. So make your life less confusing and give Riverbelle a try. Right now they are offering a 100% bonus up to $100.

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