Florida Turning to Online Poker?

March 4th, 2010

Could it really be happening? It is definitely a possibility that Florida could be one of the few states to legalize online poker. Florida Representative Joseph Abruzzo introduced a bill called the Internet Poker Consumer Protection and Revenue Generation Act of 2010 last week that could pave the way to the legalization of online poker.

Of course it will go hand and hand with the UIEGA which supports individual states legalizing online gambling. If Abruzzo’s bill passes the operators will still have some obstacles to overcome before they are allowed to offer the citizens of Florida their gambling services. First and foremost they will have to pay an application fee of $500,000 to obtain their gambling license from the State of Florida after that they will be responsible for an annual license fee of $1000.

Once a company obtains the license they will have stiff gambling regulations to follow. They will have to set up precautions for money laundering and crime. They will also have to deter underage gambling. Another major regulation they are looking at is setting limits on amounts wagered and time spent wagering to protect against gambling addiction. The bill sounds very interesting and has great safe guards that should alleviate some of the tensions from antigambling groups. If passed the state would receive somewhere around 20% on gross wins which would help the state of Florida tremendously.

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