EU Court strikes down Bwin

September 9th, 2009

There was a disappointing ruling for the online gambling industry in Luxemburg on Tuesday. The European Union ruled against Bwin stating that member states could restrict online betting if their intentions were to combat crime. This ruling is a set back to the gambling industry in Europe which is hoping that the market will open across the European Union.

This particular case was between Portuguese State Betting Monopoly, Santa Casa and the Portuguese’s Soccer League along with Bwin. Santa Casa wanted to forbid the soccer league the opportunity to advertise Bwin to fans during their games so this strike is a definitely a setback for online gambling.

There are more cases to follow across the European Union. Each case will be interesting to watch and hopefully they are not all against online gambling. Some countries involved in the other cases are Germany and the Netherlands. While the Portuguese Ruling was a setback it was only a minor one the cases still pending will cover a broader scope so be sure to follow.

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