Dutch Justice Ministry Report Recommends Legalizing Online Poker

August 25th, 2010

The latest online gambling news from the publication Dutch News.nl.is a good news report. Holland and it’s Dutch Justice Ministry commission reports that has recommended that the government gives up its monopoly on gambling. Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin set up the commission report to look for the good and the bad aspects of online gambling. He suggest a limited number of online poker firms should be granted licenses to operate there.

The members of the Jansen Committee, was comprised of legal experts and home affairs ministry officials who reviewed the current internet gambling laws and returned a comprehensive report seen no reason not to legalize poker in Holland. But other online gambling venues such as casinos, bingo and sports betting, were still to remain inaccessible to the people of Holland. Sports betting I maintained and available but only through the firm De Lotto, which is in favor from the government to hold a sports betting monopoly.

Recent legal battles with the Dutch government over the De Lotto monopoly brought to the European Court of Justice by gambling giants Betfair and Ladbrokes did not change the monopoly situation.

Because of it growth and popularity online poker is being allowed.

The Commission’s report stated, “The Commission doubts that a single new entrant in the poker market will be able to capture a significant market share based on the illegal operators, and sees a monopoly and therefore an insufficient basis for a successful channelling. For this reason, the Commission recommends a new ‘Internet system’. This regime should be explicitly designed to bring illegal poker operators under a legal regime, as was successfully done with the introduction of slot machines regime, (and) must be based on a limited number of permits given to a term, limited and periodically allocated through an open and transparent process.”

Clive Hawkswood, Chief Executive Officer of the Remote Gambling Association, said, “This is clearly a missed opportunity to follow the same path as other jurisdictions, such as Denmark, which do not seek to discriminate against different forms of gambling and recognise that all could be properly regulated.”

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