Bill HR2267

May 15th, 2009

Representative Barney Franks has introduced the bill now to legalize online gambling. As expected there are a few groups ready to stand up and fight against the new bill. Focus on the Family and the Christian Coalition will be two of the biggest contenders in the fight to overturn the UIEGA. But how does the fight stand up within the walls of Congress?

Frank’s attempt in the last session of congress failed to make it out of committees. This time will be different, with a majority of the house being democrats, and democrats in the white house. Many see HR2267 making it to the floor of the house and possibly even passing. The Senate on the other hand is a little different.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has commented in the past that he was not a supporter of online gambling. First of all he believes it will be hard to deter under age gambling and regulate it. Another reason he is likely not to jump on the band wagon is that he represents Nevada. If online gambling became legal it could really hurt his state’s revenue. While there are reasons for it to fail in the senate, there is really no clear answer on the status of HR2267 in the Senate.

So while we set and wait for the December deadline to roll around for the UIEGA to be fully enforced, there is hope on the horizon. Franks bill may not be perfect, but it at least provides an opportunity to repeal the UIEGA.

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