Atlantic City USA Gets Web Casino Go Ahead

November 24th, 2010

Senator Raymond Lesniak stated recently “We are going to be raising World Trade Organization issues by taking international gaming in New Jersey and showing how juvenile our federal government’s policy is with regards to gaming,” “It makes no sense, we’re trying to isolate and segregate something people want to do, they do everywhere, and we create a mass of restrictions that’s unconstitutional and quite frankly just dumb in terms of governmental policy.”

The Senator is obviously holding back words and knows a little bit about how the world has been functioning for the past couple of decades, with the internet of course and all of it’s implications including the way people play cards or the horses.

Thanks to the elected New Jersey policy makers passing legislation that will allow licensed Atlantic City casinos to start offering online gambling to New Jersey residents and foreign visitors.

Referring to the World Trade Organization issue was something not to many people expected to hear come from Senator Lesniak. The problem of letting the other jurisdictions play online in New Jersey becomes an expensive proposition. America was ordered by the WTO to pay $25 million dollars to Antigua and Barbuda after the 2006 prohibition on online gambling in USA shredded the small island’s economy. Antigua still can not received the funds.

When it comes to regulating the gambling industry New Jersey is definitely leading the charge in the States . This has been suggested a serious thought provoking move by New Jersey that my just stir things up in Washington D.C. The template is being formed for the rest of the country to actually see how well regulation and licensing can transform online gambling’s image and realize the financial benefits.

Senator Lesniak is in hopes that Governor Christie will put his signature on the document by the end of this year. After the lawyers get through all the hoops drafting the actual regulations such as making sure all servers are located within the limits of Atlantic City online casinos games and poker may be available from New Jersey by as early as mid 2011.

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