American Man Arrested For Illegal Gambling Site

April 6th, 2010

An America a man from Spokane Valley , Washington was arrested for allegations of operating a website that players world wide was allowed to place bets on the outcome of NASCAR races.

David Watkins allegedly operated and charged players $90 to pick a team of eight drivers with half of this amount used to pay any winners.

The Spokane-Review Newspaper reported that gambling officials began their investigations after numerous players complained of non-payment. Although the site was illegal, officials said they do not plan to to pursue gambling charges against any participants. They would much rather have them as witnesses. They would rather take down David Watkins who started the site.

Court documents allege that Watkins, who works in the professional cleaning industry and previously resided in nearby Idaho, had a post office box where players sent checks. Other participants would call in their bets using their credit card.

The newspaper reported that some of the payouts where in the thousands but the players reported to the officials that Watkins stopped paying winners ‘for the second half of the 2009 NASCAR season.’ It is reported that this website has been operating anywhere from three to ten years with player James Marks from Scranton, South Carolina, estimating unpaid earnings to be at least $50,000. Mean while Watkins is no where to be found

The charges against Watkins  includes 2nd degree professional gambling which is a class-C felony that can carryy a penalty of up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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